329 schools supported. 671 to go…


…the countdown to 2024 begins.


You are a key supporter in the Schools for Tomorrow fund: a project to transform education in 1,000 villages across Sierra Leone by 2024.

This is your window into Sierra Leone, where you can discover more about the schools, the team behind the work, and the incredible impact your support has made.




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Updates From the Field


1 September 2019 The X community coming together build their new classroom.


15 September 2019 Classroom furniture being distributed to schools in the Northern Districts.

Project Breakdown

Schools for Tomorrow is targeting 1,000 communities where children have little, or zero, access to effective schooling. To address this issue, each school project is based upon three pillars: improving the quality of teaching, improving the school structures, and ensuring the sustainability of the school.

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The Sierra Leone Context


1.Quality of Education


2.School Structures




Introducing the Team

If you have joined Street Child for one of our Sierra Leone Marathons then you will likely have come across JMK at the project visits, workshops or running the 10km race.

John Momadu Kargbo


Schools for Tomorrow is led by John Momodu Kargbo (aka ‘JMK’), the Head of Rural Operations for Street Child of Sierra Leone. He has been with Street Child since the very first project 10 years ago, and holds encyclopedic knowledge of every school and community we are working with across the country. Based primarily in Makeni (North Sierra Leone), JMK regularly travels all over the country to our rural outposts that are providing support to  most hard to reach schools.

Justin Sesay

Justin Sesay2.jpg

Justin has worked alongside JMK for the last 10 years, initially supporting as a social worker and then leading the Street Child team of 2,000 Ebola Educators during the epidemic. Throughout the crisis, he risked his life travelling door to door to educate families on how they could halt the spread of the disease. He is now Deputy Head of Rural Education, and leads the rural education work in the North of the country.

Hamid James Kamara


Hamid is the newest addition to the Schools for Tomorrow senior management. Having spent the last few years as a Social Worker and then Regional Team Leader in the South of Sierra Leone, he is now sharing the role of Deputy Head of Rural Operations with Justin. He will be leading on operations in the South, where we will be sending new funding for projects in 2020. Incredibly friendly, Hamid is liked by the whole team and in particular gets on with all the children he meets at the schools.